Multi-Step Form Partial Capture

Is there any way to capture partial data entered into a Multi-Step From?
For example, once a site visitor enters the information in the fields on step 1 and clicks next, but then decides not to submit the rest of the form during step 2.
The standard multi-step-form only allows data/information to be saved after the final “share” button is used.

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If you are using Wix-Forms, then read this post…

… i hope it will help you out.

Thank you for your help. As I am not a developer I will reach out to people directly. Let me know if you could help me! Best

@b-l-akkermans Welcome to the Velo Forum. This forum is here for you to get help when you encounter difficulties while coding your site, not to ask others to provide free code services for you. Read more about our community and its guidelines so you will know what to expect.

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Knowing absolutely nothing about your setup, it’s impossible to help you.

So perhaps you may want to provide a little bit more details about your project, about your issue, about your used elements?

The more INPUT → the more OUTPUT!

Like Yisrael already mentioned, this forum can help you to learn how to code, but this for you will need to do some efforts on your own, such as…

  1. reading inforative posts, related to your issued situation
  2. using the FORUM-SEARCH, to find related stuff
  3. using → GOOGLE ← or other search-bots to find extern tutorials and expanded informations.

What this forum do not provide is free code-solutions(normaly), but in general you should be able to find your solution reading my provided post.

All you need to know to get your project working, you will find EXACTLY in the provided post. And i saw → you are already reading/studiying it.

Take your time and try to understand the whole situation and what it is talked about in the provided post.

In most cases → there are more than just one solution → you just have to search for it.