Multilingual menu drops down behind first section on mobile

I have built a website for a B&B in France, it is extremely important that the multilingual options work well as their customer base speaks Catalan, French, English and Spanish. I have added the language selection dropdown menu to the header and it works fine at the first 2 breakpoints, but on the mobile screen width the menu drops down behind the first section. It is like a z-index issue but I can’t find a way to adjust that between sections. I have dragged the multilingual element to the top of the list of items in its container in the header in the layers panel but no luck. Any ideas? Thanks

Hey @bennygreen ,

Cool looking site you got so far.

It’s a little difficult to say 100% without seeing the Editor but generally if the content is not being shown, it could be the header is set to Hide Overflow content .

I made a video showing from a test site on my account and the behavior looks the same as it does on the mobile version of your site.

Might be possible that that the header on mobile is set to hide and that didn’t cascade up to the desktop.