Multilingual on Editor X

I’m happy to inform you that you can now install Wix Multilingual on Editor X!
Wix Multilingual lets you translate your site to attract audiences from multiple locales to your business.

How does it work?
Once you’re done building the site in your main language, enable Wix Multilingual. In the process, you choose the secondary language(s) and translate your site manually or automatically, using Google Translate. Also, you can find some language picker presets in the add panel under Multilingual, so you can use on your site.
*There are currently several Wix apps that aren’t supported. Read More

Adding Wix Multilingual
Click Add Elements (‘+’ icon) at the top left bar of the Editor
Select Multilingual
Click Add to Site



That is awesome. Just a convenient way that was missing… Is support for deepl on the roadmap as well? That provides way better translations than Google Translate.

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Thank you!

Hi Omerya

I’ve added this to my site, but need to ensure a download button connects to a translated PDF. The system only appears to translate text and won’t let you manage downloads to be language specific. Is that right or is there a way around this?

Hey Matt,
You can change the link in your secondary language and connect the button to any file or page you like.

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Thank you so much very good keep going😀

And still, the members area cannot be translated… :rage:

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Been wondering that. Deepl is more accurate.

I know, right? Just sad.

Thanks thats useful!

Is it possible to change layouts in the other languages? Or does it have to be an identical copy of the main site? Because if yes, that solves RTL/LTR problems.

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@w11 @bas30727 Can’t speak on a timeline but there is a feature request for machine translation services like DeepL, Watson, etc. to translate you can vote on below.

Yes, actually.

You can change TEXT. Not the whole design itself. I tried it for Arabic and finally it changed to LTR. So yes, you can!

@w11 Yes, text is the obvious but I mean the layout. I wish I could play with layouts and flexboxes between languages, the same way I can play between breakepoints

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@tamtamdesign You can try, but it might not work out.

Are we able to do US and UK as a selection I can’t seem to see it?


Currently, there is only the option for one dialect per language.

You can vote on the feature here .

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is there anyway to be able to translate the dynamic pages or no

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@iglesiaderestauracio Yes, but not the datasets.

But how can we add multilingual to our content editor?

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