Currently it is only possible with the older editor of Wix to create multilingual pages. When will this also be possible in Editox x? I have several pages that urgently need to be created multilingual.


Hi Vanessa!
Thanks for your feedback. We definitely hear you and are working on offering it. For now, you can create separate pages per language with custom header/footer menus.
Let us know if you have any questions.

Okay thanks for your answer! I’ll try it. :slight_smile:

Hello, I’ve tried this but it’s limited. You can’t duplicate all the pages site.

Hi, does this mean, for example, that if I have 50 pages in one language, I can’t copy them to generate 50 in another language?

Hi @vanessa .

Yes, for now, that solution requires to copy any page you want to translate.

We are working super hard on bringing the multilingual capabilities to Editor X so hopefully you’ll have an easier solution for this soon.


How can I create a language redirect in this case?
Let’s say I have a page in English and another in Italian. How do I open the page in Italian automatically if the primary language of the browser is Italian?

@tempmailat2020 just put tiny language buttons on the top or bottom then link the relevant home page

Unfortunately it’s not possible to duplicate some pages, like product page for instance. This means that in my store’s product page the header and footer will be available only in one language.

@guyd Please bring the multilingual capabilities to Editor X. It’s a super essential feature nowadays. Thanks!

@angiepoon924 wow you’re so right!
We have been working on this and are making strong efforts to ship it to you. I know it’s might be frustrating to wait, we are just making sure this will come out not only fast but stable and performant.

I’ll try to keep updates coming, I just wanted to convey that this is a top priority for us and we are aware of how much you all need this, so don’t fear for a minute it might be taking time because we’re oblivious to how much important this is



Hello, I have a EditorX website that need this feature by August 31st. Would you say this feature will be available before the end of August or before the end of this year?

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Hello Guy Dvir, in the meantime, have you got any specific resources, tutorials, etc. with a step-by-step process for creating a multi-lingual website on Editor X, copying page by page? What issues to watch out for, browser-detection, etc… an overview?

I mean, is it possible to create folder structures for pages in Editor X, copy the entire website into a new folder, call it “fr”, and start translating that folder into French? How do we go about it, specifically?

What is the status of multilingual sites in Editor X… is it possible already? And multilingual in dynamic pages in Editor X… a multilingual database that can be connected.

What is the status of multilingual support in EditorX after 9 months ?