Multiple Custom Forms

I am creating several new forms with data collection for a client. The form is to gather registration information for a ski trip. It will be sent to group leaders who will then send it to families who will be attending the ski trip, so the same form will be used by multiple groups with each group having anywhere from 10-500+ families completing the registration form. I am needing for each group to have a link to their form, unique to their group so that when we collect the data, it stays with their group. Is there a way to duplicate the form and database, rather than create a new one for each group, where we can then edit it with each different group name (ie: Midwest Ski Group, Northeast Ski Club, etc)? Then, create a unique link that can be sent to each group, in order to access their specific registration form? I have the form and database completed and would love to be able to just duplicate it each time he books a trip, rather than recreate the wheel each time. Please let me know if you need any additional information. Thanks!!


Thanks for the question. Unfortunately, at the moment there no easy way to duplicate collections with connections already existant to the duplicated one, however, I’m not sure if you need a separate collection for each group.

You can have additional field for specific group definition in the same collection, which could be applied as a filter in Dataset to filter and display only relevant group data in dynamic page with specific URL.

What do you think?