Multiple Images loaded from collections database.


I have a form and a few controls that populates a members collection database.
All works fine and they have their respective ID’s.

I want a members site page per customer to view other profiles ( Image that’s been uploaded by other site members) based on search criteria’s around the world.

I am expecting several thousand images.

What im trying to do is get a GUID associated with a Image so that i can reference that particular image in the database collection for other options like sending a message.

Any advise how to associate a GUID based on userID per upload ?


If your members are logged in to your site, when they upload their recipes, their unique ID is listed in the item’s “Owner” system field for each item. This means you can then create a member page that shows the items uploaded by all members . You can also create a member page that shows only those items uploaded by the currently logged-in member .

If you just want to track which image is associated with a given member, you can do so using reference fields . In this case, you will have a members’ collection then reference it in the collection the images are being submitted to. You can see an example of this in this product reviews tutorial.

Good luck!

Found the answer through RTFM :slight_smile: