Multiple Session Duration Possiblity

I’d like to know if its possible to consider allowing us to implement multiple session durations for one service. For example: 1) Deep Tissue Massage for 30/60/90/120 minute durations all with different pricing for one service would be ideal and amazing for our set up. Instead, we have to list the same service 4 x for different session durations.

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What are you trying to achieve:
We book spa services through Wix Bookings. It would really help us if we could book services with different session lengths per service. Instead of having to make 4 service slots for the same service just different time lenths.

What have you already tried:
Here only

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Hi ,
Thanks you for your feedback , unfortunately this is currently not possible to set dynamic pricing per service duration . As it is very important for us to improve our product and collect your voice, appreciate if you can push and vote for this feature request : Wix Bookings Request: Setting Different Price Rates Based on Service Duration | Help Center | - You will get there also additional workaround options on how to manage this need.

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I have exactly the same request, it’s frustrating to be able to make variable prices by staff member but not by appointment length. Thanks for the link to the feature request, I’ve added my vote!

Hi, @Phaedra_Owlfinch First of all, we are sorry to hear you feel frustrated. Any chance you can share more details about your use case? we will take it into account when planning our next steps.

Ireen from Wix Bookings

Thanks for the reply Ireen. My use case is very similar - together with my spouse I operate a massage practice offering different treatments involving various durations, prices and combinations of staff (either of us individually, or both of us together). You can look at our treatment list here.

Currently, we have two major limitations:

  1. While we can offer sessions of different lengths (e.g. 60 min, 90 min or 120 min massage) by creating a drop-down offering variants on a service for different prices, these variants don’t communicate to the booking calendar that the session needs to be of a different length based on what is selected.

  2. We can assign individual staff members to services, but we can’t assign multiple staff to a service. We offer couples massages for example, which need both of us and so should only be bookable when we’re both available, and should make us both unavailable for other services. As a workaround we’ve made a third staff member which is a combination of both of us, but we still have to manually block off time on our indibidual calendars so we don’t get double-booked.

Hopefully that makes sense!