My Subscriptions - page links...?

Hi all,

Hope you’re well.

A quick question. I’m about to start selling some member-page access using membership pricing plans. Everything is setup and ready to go, with one exception:

  • Certain pages are configured so that only certain pricing plan members can access them
  • When a customer buys a plan, they can see the purchase in My Subscriptions and have access to the page(s) that are connected to that plan
  • I would like the My Subscriptions page to also show the member page (s) that the pricing plan links to, as I would prefer not to list them all in the site navigation, can anyone think of a way to do this?
  • There will only be between 1 and 5 pages accessible per pricing plan. My ideal is that the below screen grab would include URLs to the 2 or 3 pages that pricing plan has given them access to.

Really at my wits end with this so any ideas welcome!