Need Help Grouping Strip

I have two strips which i want to show when i hover over a menu.
Then when mouseOut from both it hides. How can i group the strips together?

Current code:

export function ourmenu_mouseIn(event) {

export function menustrip1_mouseOut(event) {

How do you mean group them? Select both of them and select Group Elements or ?

Yes group both of them, so that when mouseOut(event) from both strip then it hides

@shenglai94 Solution 1: Group them and add events on the group. Else add the mouseOut to the second one as well.

export function menustrip2_mouseOut(event) {

@andreas-kviby Thats the issue im having, i cant seem to find documentation on how to group them.

Adding mouseOut to the second one will cause the strip to hide one by one.

Edit : Full-width strip (from what i read it cant be grouped)

@shenglai94 Hey. Just tried and they can’t be grouped. So you will have to use one strip with all inside but larger in height or accept the strips will dissapear one by one. You can also use collapse if you want it to be like them collapse from bottom and up.

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@andreas-kviby Thank you for the suggestion will redesign to make it work :slight_smile: