Need help with layout


I am creating a travel website…
I have created Dynamic page for each travel itinerary.
Every itinerary have different number of travel duration… some are as small as 5 days… and some are as long as 15 days…
I am unable to identify which layout will fit my requirement without compromising on design…

please help me… I am stuck on this part last 15-20 days…


Hi @holidays and thanks for your post!

Could you please share some screen shots and maybe some additional info so that we have an idea of what you’re trying to create? Maybe you could share examples of other sites that are similar to the one you want to design?


Hello @mariamc

Thank you for the reply.

I want to a layout for daywise travel itinerary will be used in dynamic pages.

This layout for itinerary that should allow me flexibility… for number of days for the itinerary.

I am sharing 2 examples… explaining the result I am looking for.

Really looking forward for your kind support to help me create functional website… :slight_smile:

Example 1

Example 2



Just wanted to follow up on my below query…

Basically, I want a layout which works like repeater… if I have itinerary for 5 days or 15 days… front end display on website should display is accordingly… I hope I am able to explain my situation better…

I would really appreciate, if I can receive helping call from your help desk.

Awaiting your reply with solution to my problem…


This seems like a standard setup for a dynamic page if you’re going to be making itineraries.

Depending how you’re going to structure things, you can use a multi-reference field as well.

Example 2 from your screenshot would require using code for the dropdown.

You can reach out to the content manager team here .


Hi Roberto Rocha ,

Thank you for your reply… but unfortunately it no solving my problem.

Let me try to better explain my query… since i am not professional coder/designer… I would be using a layman’s language… :smiley:

As you may know… a travel agency has travel itinerary as their services to sell.

I have travel itinerary for different duration… which I have updated in the content manager…

Itinerary 1 : 5 days itinerary to Egypt
Itinerary 2 : 15 Days itinerary to Peru

I want to layout will help me display these itinerary without any blank space.
I create a layouter with 20 boxes… however, only the boxes with database connection should display on website… and the boxes without any database connection should not show at all… even a empty boxes… as these empty boxes are creating gaps between 2 strips…

I really hope i have explained my issue better this time… please do reach out to me over email or call … I really need proper support to me work on wix site…

below is the live example… as you notice there are 2 blank line in itinerary… I do not want those lines to display if there is no data connected…


The setup does sound like a dynamic page.

If you don’t want to work with a reference field, you can use a rich content field to format and customize the information.

Hi Roberto Rocha !

thank you prompt revert to my query… and extremely sorry for not being able to reply earlier…

It seems the for now the solution you provided works out best… thank you ! have a nice day ahead !

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No worries and glad you got a response. Thanks for updating as well.