Need Urgent help ! I have connected two Dynamic pages. One of which is a category page and the another is a detailed item service page.

On the Item dynamic page, i want to add a form to know visitor’s -Email, Name, Number etc. with an IMPORTANT information. That is, the link that he clicked on, or the item/service that he needs enquiry with.

-Say, a customer looks at Singapore packages (dynamic 1), selects one of the package (dynamic 2) to view the detailed ietenary,
if he/she prefers to get a quote on their enquiry of the item, they must put up their personal details on the (dynamic 2) itself.

-And i shall get the database along with the Specific Service / Item Page from the dynamic content that he submitted the form in.

In the attached file here, i am only able to get the personal details in the form. How do i know/ collect if the visitor had clicked on Dubai-Mauritius & then submitted the form instead of another 20 dynamic content that are currently there in the site with the same format.