Nested query on multiple collections

Hi everyone,
I’m currently building a dynamic page that contains data from multiple collections.
The page needs to support different languages. To accomplish that I use different tables. A simplified version can be found in the image below:

I have a dynamic page which querys data from the Pages collection.
The title of this Page element varies depending on the selected language translation and is referenced from Page Translations.

On the Page element I have referenced different Links which I query from Links collection.
Each of this Links is referenced to one or more Link Translations for each supported Language (in my case English, German, French).

An example can be found here:
https://www.spotz .info/p/bhutan-bridge

So far I’m able to
-query the data from Pages and Page Translations with the pages slug, see below

const pageData = ( await wixData . query ( “Pages” )
. include ( “pageTranslations” )
. eq ( “slug” , slug )
. find ()). items [ 0 ];

-able to change the page Title according to the language selected
-load the Page Image dynamically

-query the Page links with a query reference

let pageLinks = await wixData . queryReferenced ( “Pages” , pageData . _id , “Links” )
. then (( results ) => { return results . items ;})

Here is the part where I struggle. I haven’t found yet a solution how I can query the the Page Collection, the referenced Links AND the referenced Link Translations.
How can I fetch nested querys in WIX velo?
Here Pages with reference to Links with reference to Link Translations.

Btw. I’m a beginner with WIX velo as well as backend development. It’s quite possible that I made some newbie mistakes.

Thank you in advance for your help.