New Beta: Unsplash in the Media Manager!

WOOOO! You can now search through Unsplash’s images! WOW! :slight_smile:

Here is the official beta link:

Huge thanks to Yaara Asaf! :slight_smile:


Great news, I love Unsplash! One question regarding image size. I download quite often from Unsplash and the image size is usually around 4Mb, so I always compress the images before I upload them to a Wix website. Now that Unsplash is available through the Media Market, is there a way to compress the image or will this be done automatically? …if not, I’m afraid that a lot of the DIY website designers will end up with slow websites.


Oh this is a great question.


loving it

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Sweet, sweet, sweet!!!

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Very useful!!!

Hi Linda-Lou, all images are optimized on the actual site. No actual need to do that, then - we handle it for you :slight_smile: