New feature alert: Create Test Site

You can now create a Test Site and get feedback on updates you make to your site before all of your site visitors see your changes.
You can choose the percentage of traffic (0-100) you want to expose the test site to via the Release Manager .

Exposing a test site to some of your site visitors lets you test new features to see if they work before publishing. You can also simply use the link and test it by yourself without exposing it to users.

After Publishing the site for the first time, you will find in the Site menu the action to Create Test Site and also the Release Manager .
You can access the Release Manager from the Editor and also from your site’s dashboard.


Would you use something like this for A/B testing landing pages for instance? Great new addition :blush:

This is really great, especially with the multilingual projects. Thanks Naama!

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By releasing this kind of native UX & Conversion optimization features, EditorX is definitely positioned to be the best no-code product builder for professional designers.

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Yes, you can create your B version in the Editor, create a Test Site, and set the exposure to 50% of your site visitor. You need to use Velo and some code to report the conversion to distinct between A and B and measure success.

Hello! Thanks, great and important feature! But how can I edit the test version? It looks like I can only do that in the live version.

Perfect thank you so much we hope to see all things the best in editor X

How do we edit the test site? I can’t see the difference in the editor?

Hi @naamar61606 @naamar , it has already been asked two times above but still remains unanswered: How do we edit the test site only (without affecting the live site)?

In other words: I have just created a test site and I thought the changes I make in the editor would only be visible on the test site, but this is not true, the changes are also applied on the live version of my site.

How do I make edits that are only visible on the test site?

So I made a video on how to push edits made on a test site to the website. The short answer though is to make a new test site. You would want to delete the previous test site and then create a new site based on the revisions done on the Editor. Since you can only have the live and test version, you would want to clear up the previous test and show only the new one.

Hi @Rob ! Thanks for your quick reply. I think the test site feature is just for checking some mild & quick changes in the site. Would you agree?

If I wanted to build a brand new section to be added on my site, I would be propably better off duplicating my original site and making amendments to the duplicate one and later making the duplicate one the main site. Do you agree or how would you rather do this? I am looking to have a UAT version of my site, since I am planning to make it remarkably bigger in the future.

Of course during the making of the new section, I don’t want any of my clients to see it. The process could easily take a month and if I was using the test site feature, I could not make any changes to the live site without publishing the already made changes regarding the new section.

I believe dynamic content could be part of the solution, but not really the same thing as having a UAT version. I am also afraid of losing changes to the database e.g. contacts made during the month’s build time on the live site, if I go with the duplicate plan. Can you recommend me the best way forward? Is it possible to merge sites?

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Hi @esa-irri @Rob ,
I will try to answers all test site related questions raised here:

Test site allows you to test your editor changes in a production environment before going live. Your can view your pages and interact with your site and live data, share the link of the test site version with other team members and get feedback on your editor updates. You can also expose the test site version to some percentage of your visitors, before publishing to all.

If you continue to work in the editor after creating a test site, it will not affect the already existing test site version. In order to have a test site version that includes these changes, you have to create a new test site, that will replace the previous version.

Test site doesn’t allow you to work on multiple versions of your site. We have another feature called site branches, which allows you to work on an additional versions of the site, while at the same time being able to make changes to the existing one. Site branches is currently in alpha mode, and is not available in EditorX. If this might be relevant for you and you wish to join the alpha program, let me know.

Hi @paulinat and thanks for your answer! Also perhaps of interest to @Rob and @agcdesign .

Yes, your test site feature is very limited but the new feature branches sounds like the thing that I have been looking for. When is the planned production release date of the branches feature? I am somewhat hesitant to join an alpha feature mode, as it is still in its early testing and it could mess many things on my site.

We still don’t know when we will release site branches to production.

@paulinat I am very interested in the site branches feature. When working in a site branch will you be working on a copy of the main database? I wouldn’t want my changes on a branch to go into the live database. Will this feature be available for Wix as well as EditorX?

@cherierevells As part of the alpha, site branches will only be available for Wix sites (not EditorX). I can provide you additional information regarding the alpha via the email.

Thank-you @paulinat . I would like to learn more and join the alpha. How do I join?