New Feature Alert: Customize your Cursor without code

Hello, I’m happy to introduce a new feature - customizable cursors!

It’s now possible to customize the cursor of a page, section or specific element your visitors interact with, no code required!

To add a custom cursor:

  1. Select a page / section / element on your site

  2. Go to the design tab in the inspector panel

  3. Add or adjust the cursor

  4. Preview site / go to Live site to see the new cursor

Use this tool to create a playful and stunning experience as your site visitors interact with specific elements in your site.

Hint : search for “cursor” in the media manager to discover a curated library of unique & gorgeous cursors to choose from, that can reflect your brand and style :slight_smile:

For more information:…/editor-x-adding-a-custom-cursor


This is fun! and I’m glad to see SVG support.



Anyone succeeded with uploading a svg for this? It keeps telling me that the size is wrong.
And I’ve tried many sizes.

hey there, for this case please make sure your svg file has sizing properties saved in its source (height, width, and viewbox properties)


This is great!

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I would like to see more important things being released, such as a third level in website navigation, mega menu also implemented in the Editor X, other layouts for the product page, and more.

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What is going on here? Non important crap being prioritised over the things which our customers are screaming for. Who gives a monkeys about cursors when things like prices with and without vat/tax, and the ability for customers to add additional items aren’t even covered? I think you lot at Wix need to do a reality check and start covering the important things first and leave polishing these little knobs to last!

Editor X has made great progress with their platform overall and I’m sure the request for essential and non-essential features is long.

Also, the features that you mention everyone needs or is asking for are more than likely in development already and needs to be released at the right time.

Personally, I feel confident that I can accomplish everything I need with Editor X to create an effective website for myself and my clients.

I hope you keep some faith that they will continue to improve the most important functionality along with the smaller features too.

Hope you have a good one.


Can you tell me what’s the efficiency of adding breadcrumb without having deep navigation? I think since Editor X is a more advanced platform, only the most important features should be prioritized, less important features can be left for people to do with a little bit of code using Velo. For instance, if Wix is marketing that anyone can create a professional website, it doesn’t make sense to limit professional-looking websites only to those who have a lot of knowledge in technology and programming to use Velo. A designer should be able to create a professional-looking website and offer it to their clients without using Velo. The Wix development team should add more features to allow this without code. It seems that after Velo, the priority is to use code on top of code.

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I must first say that I cannot speak for Wix as a company or the Editor X team; I can only offer my own viewpoint as a user.

Prioritization of “essential” features is a difficult issue to deal with. Because it can be quite difficult to say what you, someone else, or another organization, community, or forum may deem significant.

Your ideas will be heard here nonetheless because that is precisely what this community is about, and I urge you to keep doing so because they do matter. Even though it may not seem like it at first, this feedback keeps Editor X moving in the right path.

I can only imagine the company’s objectives, which are that there are “X” requests for legitimately critical features spanning “X” tools, services, and features across the entire platform. If they were to announce that development was underway for one or more of them, there would presumably be numerous requests for release dates and timelines, which, no matter how carefully planned, are never concrete and would therefore be unfair to announce to the community.

For all the services and tools provided right now, I can confidently say that I am satisfied with what I can create for myself and for my clients.

It offers advantageous and comprehensive development and administration services in addition to being a cutting-edge creation platform.

Any product or service can always be improved greatly, and I have no doubt that the Editor X staff is aware of this and making efforts to do so.

I sincerely hope you can wait until then because it will be worthwhile.


I’m having a lot of trouble with svg support! I have no idea why the svgs I make aren’t compatible to be used as a cursor, and I’ve had to resort to using low quality .pngs for the time being. Please help!

Hi may, I’m having this problem too. How do you make sure the svg file has sizing properties saved in its source? I’m fairly certain it’s showing all the correct image info in the media library and on my computer

Hi @iden-mozafari , could you please share here the file you are trying to upload? and which tool are you using to design it? You need to make sure that when you are saving the file you save it with proper sizing dimensions.

what is the issues with the process, could you share some sort of video of the situation here?

This video shows the star.svg working fine on the section, but my .png pink creature cursor doesn’t show up on the image on hover. Also, I can’t upload any type of .svg to the cursor, I’ve tried using multiple export settings to try to get it working.

I unfortunately can’t upload the file here for some reason, but it’s in my video posted above. The file was made in Aseprite and exported through it, Photoshop, Media Encoder, etc. many times trying different settings to make it work with Editor X. What are proper sizing dimensions? I’ve been using 48px x 48px as a standard

@maye could you take a look?

hey, so I understand there are two issues here:

  1. The pink cursor that won’t appear when hovering over the image - as I see the image is hyperlinked. We currently are not allowing to override the cursor hyperlink state / indication. Meaning, you can only customize the cursor’s static state. You’ll see that removing the hyperlink will show the pink cursor. I understand the use case here and we are working towards allowing to customize other cursor states in the future.

  2. The SVG you are not able to upload - to check the attributes you can look in the file’s source. In general, it can be solved when saving it with sizing attributes in the editor you are using to create the svg. It means - not saving it without giving it (any) a size in px.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any more questions.
Off-topic but your site’s design is super cool :slight_smile: