New Feature Alert: Editor X Rich Content Comments

Add detail and personality to your site comments with text formatting and file attachments.

The new Comments panel allows you to attach files that your teammates can preview, add to the page, and download.

You can still use @ to mention site members, plus text formatting like bold, underline, bulleted lists and links to create more clear and organized comments.

Enjoy and please feel free to share your feedback! :lollipop:


:exploding_head: Someone ate their weetabix!

Im grateful and all but how do we have this before rich content type for dynamic pages? heck even the old editor has it! Begging the Editorx team to get their priorities straight rich content is fundamental for advanced responsive sites!


We’re on it. Supporting Rich Content has a high priority. Stay tuned.

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The end result is far more important!!

We need this exact rich content input available to add to our pages!!! GIFS are the most used user-content on my website (with the forums app). I’d like to build my own style of forum tailored towards my user… THIS WOULD BE HUGE FOR COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT.

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My web design REQUIRES rich content, OR SUPPORT OF iFrame in Dynamic pages. Without either I am not able to achieve the main objective of my museum website where we offer 360 degree viewing of the exhibits thru PixRiot application. With a 100 page limit I was told I MUST use dynamic pages to break thru this limit, but dynamic pages dont support WHAT I NEED. I am at the breaking point as I have 100’s of hours commited to Wix, and now I have to throw wix in the garbage heap if it cant do basic stuff with dynamic pages. Please give a RELEASE date for this capability so I can decide if I push out my launch date, or just give up on Wix and go to an editor that has capabilities needed for dynamic content. If you fixed this ONE THING I would love this application, but it currently is like a Ferrari without tires, just sits and revs its engine but goes nowhere.

Hey @4kegleys !

I think I can help you with a little Velo.
I made this example site using iFrames on the item pages and content manager to embed the content of the site on the dynamic pages.

I created an item collection and you can see I added the link of different websites

Then I activated Velo and added this code on the Item Page

$w.onReady(function () {
    $w("#dynamicDataset").onReady( () => {
        let thefunction = $w("#dynamicDataset").getCurrentItem();
        $w('#html1').src =;

#html1 will be your iFrame element
.link will be the URL link of your collection

The source of the iFrame will come straight from that URL and you can use apps like Netlify App to drop a folder with your site’s HTML, CSS, and JS files and they generate a link to share.

Hope this helps =)


Perfect thank

@naamar You posted on April 1st that this was a high priority… we’re almost two months later could you please give us an ETA so we can do our project planning effectively!? Thanks so much.

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