New feature alert: 'Repeater on Grid' (Grid Cells)

With the new Grid Cells layout option for Repeaters, you can wrap items into new rows with responsive column width.

The Grid lets you maintain the height of the rows with any content, at any breakpoint.
Grid Cells create gaps instead of margins around Repeater items, meaning they create space only between the items and not around them.

To use the new Grid Cells Repeater:

  1. Drag a Repeater from the Add Panel to your page.

  2. Click the Repeater .

  3. Click Change Layout .

  4. Choose the Grid Cells option under Display type and customize the layout options.

Please feel free to share your feedback with us!! :butterfly:


Nice feature, I take. :white_check_mark:

Speaking of repeater, when will the fitmode be added to the Editor X? It is annoying to see his images linked to the database cut because the fitmode is not included on the X editor. Can we have some news on this please?



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Hey Lukas,
Thanks for your feedback! We don’t currently offer this feature, but our team is always looking for inspiration from our users’ suggestions and ideas. I will pass your feedback on to the rest of the Editor X team.

Please feel free to reach out again if you have any more feedback or ideas for us.

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Perfect & Perfect we hope to see more features thank you so much Wix Team💯

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@lironm Thank you for your response, thank you for passing the message on to the team. I can’t wait to see this feature as soon as possible … It is true that I am losing patience and that the wait is long … Seeing all of its new features coming out is frustrating when you see that there are tools that 'we used on the old editor which are still not available on this one … I hope the team will listen to their community


Hello! Nice feature, thank you. When will we be able to design repeaters to display content like a mosaic? Think of a layouter that behaves like a repeater? Thank you!

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It is definetly a must have.

Hi Liron, have you thought of putting a ‘fit’ button next to the ‘stretch’ button for images? For example, if the width is fixed, this button could simply trigger the width of the image to go to 100% and the height of the container to be set to ‘auto’.