New Feature Alert: Slider Gallery And Related Products widgets for Stores

I’m excited to share that Stores Slider Gallery widgets are available now to all Editor X users.

What’s New?
Once the Stores application is installed you’ll find 2 additional widgets in the Add panel - Slider Gallery and Related Products where you can display multiple products in slider gallery layout.


Wow! Wonderful!! Thanks Team!!

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Fantastic news! How about before and after Tax prices both shown under product?
This seems to be pretty standard on a lot of websites and i have customers urging me for it!

Thats what I call AMAZING. :heart_eyes:

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Hi @miril , not sure why I don’t see these widgets in my “Add” panel?

Does that also goes for existent stores ? as I can’t see any new widgets on my end or any way to update the app itself


5 days now and I still can’t see this feature on the left sidepanel. Is it postponed for any reason ?

Hey, we had to pause the rollout due to a bug we found and are fixing. We’ll continue the rollout on Tuesday (in 2 days). Sorry for the inconvenience :neutral_face:


They need to add the two columns layout for the products like the other wix stores has you only can display your products in one column up and down

please vote for this feature here:

Still can’t see it in already existing store. when will it be added or how can we update the app ?

Hi, this should be fixed now. Can you please check again and let me know if you see it?

Hey, sorry for waiting, the widgets are available again in the add panel

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