New: Save non-section designs to your assets and libraries

Now you can save elements and any non-section designs to your assets and libraries and reuse them across all the sites in your account.

Simply right-click an element or a designed composition and select to save it to your assets or a library.
All saved designs will appear in the add panel, under the ‘Design Assets’ category.

Pay attention!
There are some elements that for now can’t be saved (as well as any compositions that include them):

  • Widgets and TPAs (Stores elements, Forms, etc.)

  • Pro Galleries

  • Input Fields

  • Lightboxes

  • Google Maps

  • HTML iframes


This is absolutely amazing!!!

Would be amazing if we could save forms, headers and footers . Is this in the pipeline?


Hey @_toby ,
You can save a Master design as a regular section. When adding it back to site you can set it to be a master header/footer.
Regarding Forms and other elements, all are in the pipeline (but would take a bit of time).


Code Free Interactions highly waiting for you to release!

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Why I can’t register to tommorow webinar 'How we built Editor X Homepage"?

Hey @ibletsos - can you try again from this link?


Do changes to the design asset roll out across the instances?

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@jonathaniweiss , at this point no.

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Does ‘non-section’ element mean sections are not able to be saved or is a section element a group of UI elements, such as stacks? I’ve been trying to save a stack with no luck

nice. Will be nice to save and reuse buttons and containers!

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We use this a lot. Especially for clients that have sub sites. Getting already designed assets onto different pages is crucial. We would love to see forms added to this. Even of they need to re-connect to a dataset it would be great to re-use the designs.


Why can’t we save assets with custom elements? :cry: Is this going to be possible soon? Thanks!

our developers are working on features improvement and I do hope it will be with us at some point
meanwhile, feedback was forwarded to the relevant team

still here, you can double check information on capabilities here