NEW - Social Media Referral Partnership Program

Hi everyone! :smiley: My wife an I own a small agency in the Kansas City area. Our primary focus is on social media marketing and we are looking to grow that area more this year.

I’d like to connect with a few Wix designers who don’t offer any kind of social media services to their clients in hopes that we could create a referral partnership program (or affiliate partnership?).

The idea would be that you would connect us with your client and if they sign on, you would receive a percentage of their package every month as long as they are signed up with us.

If you’d like to explore this further with us, please visit

I look forward to hearing from some of you! :smiley:
Have an awesome day!!!


I just came across this post and have a question for you. I’m hoping to concentrate on Authors and other creatives exclusively. Do you work with authors at all for their social presence? If you do that would be great and I’ll keep you on my list of affiliates.

I’m fairly new here but your social media referral program got me curious. I run a small digital media marketing agency, and the vibe of collaboration seems like a win-win! I’ve been navigating the social media marketing realm for a bit, and teaming up could be awesome. Let’s chat more about it. Also, dropped by site at – loved the vibe! I think there are those here who will be interested to see the possibilities of these technologies. Especially if you want to develop your blog from scratch, it is essential.