New update for Wix Online Program is making me confuse

The new update for Wix Online Programs is becoming a premium app is just killing one of the Wix’s best feature. I’m trying to launch a self-study site using Wix in Q3 2024 as an alpha version and I can’t afford for a plan yet. Wix online program is the best free course making tool so I guess I have to choose alternative ways before I can afford a plan.

Hey, Mike! I recall seeing something (an email or notification) about Wix Online Programs becoming a premium app, but now I can’t find where it is. All of our programs just disappeared from the user side overnight!

How do I get the premium app upgrade, do you know? Do I upgrade the entire site?

I’m not sure they said that’ll be starting from the June so maybe your site is having an issue.
Contact the Wix support or create a post in this forum.
*To get the Wix Online Program premium, you’ll have to pay for a plan that accepts payments. (starting from the standard plan, the 20$/m one because 12$ one doesn’t included the payment methods )