No link in table on mobile view ...

I have a table displaying / sorting a collection. Each cell (entire row) of is linked to a dynamic page. The links work well on Desktop view but do not work on Mobile view.
URL is It is related to the second serie of dropdowns.
Thanks for assistance


I’m unable to see it due to permission issues.
Is it possible that the data is connected to a collection that is limited to, let’s say, site members?
Can you try again on mobile after doing a log in to your site (on the mobile device)?


Sorry, permission is open now.
Yes, collection is limited to members (anyone can read, others is for site members). I have similar sort of table in www.shan…/directory and it works good on mobile.
I have tried many times after logging in the site (on the mobile device) and it does not work.
BTW, it does not work also in preview mode …

Preview mode does not allow logging in, so it makes sense.
Can you tell me what page has the login button?


Please go on on both mobile and desktop. Select dropdowns and try to click on table rows

I accessed your editor and noticed that you have overlapping elements which probably causing the issue. Instead of hiding the elements on load, I recommend collapsing them on load and expanding them when necessary. Also, I recommend making sure that they are not overlapping each other:

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Collapsing elements solves the problem for one table, not the other one on mobile view (lower ser of dropdowns). Pls kindly have another look.

I seem to have the same problem. Any help would be appreciated!


I‚Äôve tried filtering by ‚ÄėBlackwell, Holly‚Äô, and the table shows.

Can you be more specific?

Matthew, can you be give some more details?


Yes the table shows …but you cannot click/ open the link when pointing on a row in mobile version (while you can in desktop version). Why?

I had a link in a table that worked in the desktop version, but not the mobile version of the same page. After messing about with it, it seems to be wokring now.

sgcbooking - I’ve accessed the page on mobile view and was able to view the dynamic page after clicking on the table row on the mobile editor. Please send us a screencast so that we can better understand what is the issue and properly assist you. Simply recreate the issue while recording the steps and add the URL to your response.

Matthew - please send us the site URL and the name of the page you were referring so that we can check it on our end.


I had spoken too soon. The issue has returned - (and cub-badges-challenge). The links work on a desktop but not the mobile site. The same setup has been used at (and beaver-badges-challenge) and this page works perfectly. Thanks.

Also after messing abt the table (delete, recreate, copy/paste, …), the issue seems to be solved. I hope for good …

Has anybody managed to find a solution to this yet?

I had the same. In my case I have had multiple sections with tables in each, which collapsed and expant by cliking on buttons. And all these sections were overlapped because were alligned to top. In tables each row were linked to a dynamic page and worked on Desktop but not on phone. So what helped me:

  1. On desktop view I moved overlapping sections one after one, so that they were not overlapped
  2. Then on the phone view I hided these sections and unhided from the side menu. It resents some settings, so I had to set up some small things again like the size of a row in my table, but general style settings staid.

So after this all links in my tables started to work on desktop and mobile even after I alligned them all back to top again.

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I also had the same problem the table data only work on desktop no work with the mobile view, in mobile can’t with the hyperlink.


it seems conveluted and it is alot of work but this is the correct solution. Hide the table in moble view then unhide it again.(resize if nesicary) then publish and it will work on mobile.

Thank you Ira for this solution
P.S My spelling sucks Sorry

Ira, You saved me sooo much frustration. Thanx for this solution!
Works like a charm.