Non-ecommerce product browser

Before someone tells me “I need to learn the tools of editor x” , could someone PLEASE tell me if it’s possible.

I want customers to be able to scroll through like its a commerce product browser but without the “ecommerce aspect”. No purchasing, cart etc.


hello, @arch-jrgs
Previously I saw some times like this, they were built with Datasets, Repeaters and Dynamic Pages, it is not Editor X but Data and Wix Stores:

You can also try the standard Wix Store and remove the add to cart and Buy Now button .

Wow what a supportive community. Thank you @Rob so much!!! I think the store will be the easiest option to go with first just to get something up and then I’ll slowly build it again on a hidden page with Datasets, Repeaters and Dynamic Pages as @andrewt said.

Thanks Guys

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Thank you. The other leaders are great too. Just always suggest to pay it forward if you see anything you can answer. :grinning:

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