Notifications of sales from Wix Stores not working

Good morning,

A week ago the automatic notifications that wixStores send to the email when a purchase is done by a client are failing in my website, I have contacted Wix Support due to the email (GSuite @mydomain) was signed up also via Wix and is not receiving those notifications , but I haven’t received a solution yet.

If I define an alternative email address (@gmail) for other forms in my web, it works fine, but not to the main email address, neither the wixStores notifications or any other forms notifications.

Is someone else experiencing the same issue? I guess is an internal error from wix, because when I access that email @mydomain and try sending and receiving external emails, it works fine. Any idea of what to do?

I need a quick solution or alternative (if it exists via code) to solve this issue asap.

(sez-atelier .com)