Npm package installed but still goes on error.


My npm package request was apparently granted (thank you wix team), but I receive that error that I don’t understand, since it is supposed to be installed ?

Error loading web module backend/events.js: Cannot find module ‘easyqrcodejs-nodejs’\nRequire stack:\n- /user-code/backend/uploads.jsw\n- /user-code/backend/events.js\n- /user-code/stubmodule-that-does-the-require.js\n- /elementory/node_modules/scoped-require/index.js\n- /elementory/factories.js\n- /elementory/create-app.js\n- /elementory/cloud-grid-runner.js"

Can you help me ?

Raphael, it happened to me too. It looks like a strange bug. My solution: move the “import” up or down a few lines, Publish and try it out.

Did you try the same package @giri-zano ? I feel really stuck,
I really wish not to have to use another server and create an API…

Please post your URL and explain where the issue is.

When installing a package,
Is wix installing both “Dependencies” and “DevDependencies”??

if I compare with a similar Git HUB Project that works on WIX:
(This one works )

https://github .com/soldair/node-qrcode/blob/master/package.json

they put their “canvas” requirement in the “DevDependencies” block.

In the package I’d like to use:
https://github .com/ushelp/EasyQRCodeJS-NodeJS/blob/master/package.json

it is in “dependencies” .

Still stuck…

I believe it depends on the package. Some packages will require dependencies to be installed. At least, that’s my experience.

Whenever there’s an error in a loaded package, events journal dies…

It’s really lame… Is there a way to maintain nodejs journal even in case of an error???

@yisrael-wix If I install those dependencies they won’t be in the same node_module, so it most likely won’t work. Can I ask the team to reinstall the package ?

I suggest you to use a html component with CDN ( Content Delivery Network ) if you want your work to be done as soon as possible.

You never posted the URL to your site so we can inspect.