onReady() function throwing error on EVERY page

I have hundreds of pages on my website which have been working fine. As of this morning, the onReady() function on EVERY page is throwing an error - Property ‘onReady’ does not exist on type ‘(selector: string) => any’.

The onReady() has a squiggly red line under it and if I hover my mouse over it I see the above message.

It doesn’t matter whether there is any code in the onReady() function. Most of my pages have all different kinds of code (functions). But, here is an example on my Home Page which has no code but still throws the error:
// For full API documentation, including code examples, visit Velo API Reference - Wix.com

$w . onReady ( function () {

What could possibly causing this error on every page??
I also included a screenshot.

Same problem in my website.
onReady() doesn’t exist for $w elements… all pages…

Having the same issue here. It seems to not be effecting the code though, just throwing an error.

it seems that this affects the code since it is unable to execute the scripts relating to onReady()…

Me too - is there a fix in the works?

@farid-berrais Ok I am seeing that now, my code is acting up.

@reswebdev I think you are right.
I have tested a number of functions relating to the onReady () function on several of my pages.
I can see that the script works fine on my live website.
Now remains to be seen why the function is identified as an error by the IDE …
Can you confirm ?

I starting having this issue too. It was fine at least till about 11:00 AM EST.

Property ’ onReady ’ does not exist on type ‘(selector: string) => any’.

Kindly resolve the issue. Thanks in advance for looking into this.

Ignore it.

It is just a validation bug, code still works.

It is just a validation bug, code still works. …
Confirm !!!

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As of this morning… code on masterpage.js is no longer working… and this cant be ignored…it actually not working. so codes for all page is not run


i am also facing the same issue. Has any fix been proposed?

i am also facing the same issue. Has any fix been proposed?

Same problem…
I noticed also that:

  1. event handlers does not work already

  2. suggetion message when you code does not pop up anymore…

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I have notified the on call team regarding this issue - although I suspect that they know already.

Thanks Yisrael. I just checked and it looks like Wix has fixed the bug.