onRowSelect() in OR

Hi everyone, I have this need.
I have five filtered tables, each onRowSelect() event on them, must perform the same function.
Can I write the five onRowSelect() events in OR? Or should I create five onRowSelect() events for each table?


Where is your code?

If you want to perform the same function, but multiple times from different places/locations/events…


function start_myFilter() {
	//here your filtering function

If you want to know exactly from which of your buttons the function was started (for example to identify the current selected row)…


function start_myFilter(index) {console.log(index)
	//here your filtering function

Expand this example and turn the INDEX into → “selectedRow”, or even pass the whole rowData to the function and do what ever you want with it.

$w("#myTableIDhere").onRowSelect((event)=> {console.log("EVENT: ", event);
    let rowData = event.rowData;
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Thank you so much for the support.
Sorry, i haven’t written code yet, next time i will post it.