Overflow hidden of a box container

Hello there community and thx for the support. I would like to ask if its possible to hide overflowing elements from a container with code. I have a container inside another container. The inner container has a rollover effect to expand but i dont want to surpass the outside container. How could i do that? I know that with editor x its possible but i cant use it as i am with the simple editor.

thx in advance.

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MAybe someone has an idea?

Hi Bilisanas,
What do you exactly mean by overflowing elements?
If you put 1 container in the other, and the inner container gets bigger won’t the other container get bigger aswel?

No we want the other container to stay the same and hide whatever overflows… (I have an image inside a container and on rollover the image zooms. I want part that over flows the box to be hidden)

I sent you a photo of should be done with velo except from text imagine its an image

thx in Advance Kristof…