Paid Plans Issue - Improving UX

I’m trying to help the visitors for quick plan purchase checkout. For this, I want the visitors to enter the billing the details automatically or skip the billing details part.

Flow Details:
Visitor click on the some form submit button.
Then I create an order using orderPlan( ).
Then I get the Wix Pay Order Id which I used to start the payment using startPayment()

Issue in Automatically Filled Billing Details
Auto details will only be possible if I use createPayment() and pass the information to this function. But the problem is, I’m working with the PaidPlans and I need the plan purchase details in the CRM. That’s why I’m using orderPlan(). This method doesn’t allow to pass the user information.

Skip Billing Details - skipUserInfo
I’m using the skipUserInfo details in the startPayment(). But this not works as this also needs to passed to the createPayment() first.


//imported perfectly
//ordering plans successfully

   .then((myOrder) => {
        let myOrderId = myOrder.orderId;
        let myWixPayOrderId = myOrder.wixPayOrderId;
        //createMyPayment({ firstName, lastName, phone, email }, $w('#dropdown1').value, {"skipUserInfoPage": true})
        wixPay.startPayment(myWixPayOrderId, {
          "skipUserInfoPage": true,
        .then( (result) => {

Looking for the help from velo’s creative members. Thanks in advance.