PAID PLANS: Membership signup process flawed. Corvid isn't helpful

Okay, being that I wrote this once already, was told this is the only way to get a hold of the Forum Team, and my entire post got deleted when I scrolled up to double check things, here I try again.

On this customer site, we have a checkout process that almost works as it should. This is what it looks like.

  1. Join the Club

2. Pick your plan

3. Add your info and what you’d like to gain from your membership. This is where it should take you to payment process next, but it doesn’t. THIS IS A LIGHTBOX pop-up .

4. Fill in the info and select " Sign Up ". This takes you back to the " Select Your Plan " page.

5. You now select " Start Today " again and then it finally takes you to the payment page.

6. You are NOW A PAID MEMBER to the site.
However, I’m sure anyone with a good sense of how the flow should work, or any customer for that matter, knows that this is confusing as hell. Not one customer knows to select their plan again to get to the Credit Card payment page. Now they are a member of the site, but not a paid member. So, they still can’t access any of the videos in the libraries, they get frustrated, and then go look for something else. MANY LOST CUSTOMERS (we can see them all in the membership page, but they choose not to follow the process which makes absolutely no sense.
When logging into developer mode, using Corvid , it shows that the process should be what everyone thinks it should be. When clicking on " Sign Up ", in the Lightbox, Corvid shows that the link is pointed to the Payment Processing page, but it does’t actually take you there.

On the phone with one of the application teams, they pointed something out that only made partial sense. Because the customer is not yet a member, the flow won’t take them to the payment page next. So, I should make the " Join the Club " page a Member’s Only page. Like I said, it only made partial sense, but I gave it a shot anyway. So, now the process looks like this:

  1. Join the Club

2. Enter in all your info to first become a member and then it should take you to either the “Select your Plan” page or straight to CC processing.

3. HOWEVER, this takes us back to the Home Page and now you have to select “Join the Club” again to get to the Paid Plans page.

4. You now select your plan and this takes you to CC payment info.

CONCLUSION: This is even more confusing for a customer. When trying to fix things with Corvid in this process, once again, there are absolutely no changes saved and then published. So, either Corvid is just not saving the new process I’m manually writing in, or something is lost in the mix along the way.
There are absolutely NO PAID MEMBERSHIP sites that have a process like this, unless you’re using Wix . I’m hoping that the Wix team can fix these issues immediately, or the customer is looking to go to another platform. I have had several customers move to a Wordpress platform to get things to work and I don’t care to lose anymore. I’m not sure if they got a hold of another Wix Expert that told them to move things over to Wordpress or if they just stretched their search a bit in obtaining a web designer. I too know know Wordpress quite well and know that some functionality is better. However, I don’t try to get my customers to move to another platform, knowing that the referral came from Wix.


^^^^^ This ALLLLLLLLLLL day

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Wix should make the buttons more versatile in the way that we should be able to choose an option in settings to have the button forward to a new page, anchor, or process. It shouldn’t matter whether it’s a button a home page, in a form, Wix Restaurant “Online Ordering” (another issue I’m having with another site), Wix Store, or inside a Lightbox ( like as in this issue ), we should have the option to not only point to an email that’s receiving the customer data, but the option to choose a page (other than Thank You page), anchor, or payment field to be redirected to. I think this function would clear up about 90+% of the issues I’ve run into when developing sites for customers, because Corvid is obviously not working as it should.


@vvcreations thanks for this feedback. I will contact you directly to solve this issue. Please message me to antanasd at

Are you saying you have these kinds of issues all day, or you have customers constantly jumping ship over to WordPress? I suppose it could be both :slight_smile:

@vvcreations I’m just saying this issue is so obvious and real. Offering clients a native booking/paid plans product that had solid UX would be great, and designing around its oddities is terrible. This product feels like it wasnt ready to be released. I want a better version of it to be available like, yesterday.


I am experiencing this EXACT issue!!! :frowning: I am building a members portal for both paid and free members and a class curriculum portal that is only for PAID members. It is so unbelievably confusing for EVERYONE involved.

Praying that this GETS ATTENTION and FIXED ASAP!

It’s August now and same scenario. The paid plan feature is useless as it is. I’ve been venting about this I think since last December. I just don’t get how this could have been release. I mean there are plenty of examples of a proper flow and design of paid plans out there. You can’t even manipulate the sign up screen. I’ve stated before, I waste so much time wondering if it’s me or if it’s wix.

Any update on this? I have a client who is experiencing this exact issue! Folks are signing up and then drop off without paying because it’s too confusing.

Hi @carverhannah !

I’ve checked in with the team and will circle back here should there be any updates :slight_smile:

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@sheyla @carverhannah I have message you privately about this issue. We have fixed this issue long time ago, now it should be okay so it’s best we talk in person.

I have a similar issue, but perhaps less complex. It’s driving me nuts trying to figure out how to enable paid membership using the members area app. The app seems to do everything I need for a membership program - sign up, login, manage profile, see events, purchases, provide access to restricted site pages, etc. - except pay for the membership. Payment seems only handled by the paid plan subscription function, but that does not enable all of the above membership capabilities. Is this actually the case or am I missing something?

Hi there! I’ll reach out to our PM to see if they can assist with this matter.

Thanks! Really need some assistance on this one for a client project. I spoke with partner support team and they were unable to provide any solution.