Panorama image viewer?

I was told by online support to come here to ask… We have a handful of (cylinder projection) Panorama images that we would like to put on a web page in Wix. The only Panorama viewer add-on is flat busted. At that, I suspect it was only intended to show Google Maps Street View images. So the first online rep I spoke to got “lost in the weeds” at that point. I spent part of the day looking for my own solutions, when I found one:

I got as far as pasting the .js block in to the place where the page Code Tab says to. Then I asked the second rep I contacted where to put the code that references the JavaScript, and he decided it was time to turn the problem over to some other team that can only be accessed by email.

SO, the question… can anyone help me to get some sort of solution working for these Panorama images? Either the one I found or another…? I would note that these are cylinder projection panorama images, taken with a cell phone. They won’t work with the 360 Sphere or cubic projection stuff.

Wix Dev Mode

What are you trying to achieve:
Ah… see above.

What have you already tried:
the 360 app in the add-ons, online support, finding my own solution.

Additional information:
Can’t think of anything. See examples and links above.

Ok, I followed the example on the code page and find & replaced ;function with
$w.onReady(async function

…but I honestly have no idea what else to do to make the JS WIX compatible. I’m stuck in the mud here. Anybody??