Passing System ID from a Wix Form to a third-party service provider

Do Wix Forms on Wix Editor allow to pass the information generated in the ID column of a Form Database to a third-party website or should I create a custom form?

Wix Editor

I’m trying to pass off to an affiliate marketing provider the ID information generated in the form database each time a lead is captured (a user fills out the form and then it’s taken to a thank you page). The affiliate marketing provider has given us a standard script, but so far we have been unsuccessful to pass the lead ID that would allow us to match the affiliate who referred the lead with the actual lead through the unique ID. I’m beginning to think that my only option is to ditch the Wix Form, and instead create a custom form that passes the ID through coding. Am I right?

The form is in a lightbox. This is the code provided to us:

<img id="_SHRSL_img_1" src="upload://ptFSKT5WOr45jG9XfFtRXaRvBaD.png" width="1" height="1">
<script src='!!!!!.js' type='text/javascript' defer='defer'></script>

We are trying to get the “Customer ID” from our form database. We have not been able to change the parameters correctly with dynamic variables that populate with the system ID. Any thoughts?

Are you using the new Wix Forms?

If so, you should use the event handler for submission events. Specifically, you can use onSubmissionCreated().

This event handler will allow you to receive the submission event object as a user submits a form and you can then send associated data to a third party via Wix Fetch.

If you are using old Wix Forms you should instead use the onFormSubmit() event handler.