Password protecting individual collections of a dynamic page.

I am building a website for an English academy.

I have a database which includes all of the students, which is connected on a dynamic page.

I want to set a password for each individual collection of the main dynamic page.

For example, if a parent logs in, they can enter a password and it will load the dynamic page with the specific collection reflecting their child.

Is this possible?

If not, any suggestions?


I want to know this too. Anyone?

This is possible to be done by CODE-ONLY.

You will need a bunch of CUSTOM-CODE to generate such a function.

Datasets → are not FLEXIBLE.

You will have to use → Wix-Data and CODE.
Also you will need the Wix-Members-APP to be installed including the ROLE & BADGES-System.

And maybe you even will need a custom generated LOGIN-System.