Paypal Credit

I’m trying to add PayPal credit to my store. I have code that says to post between … and also in the . I don’t know where to paste it. I tried under add, html code and it didn’t work. Can someone please help? Thank you

This is not supported in Wix Code as it requires access to restricted methods or elements.
WixCode understands all of Javascript, except for anything that accesses the DOM.
Accessing document sections such as head and body can not be done with corvid

You would be better suited going through Wix Support about this issue as it is not a code issue but embedding custom code:

You can’t embed HTML in a Corvid page. You might want to consider using an HtmlComponent . For more information, see the article Working with the HTML Component in Corvid .

A more secure way to handle web service requests is by using backend (server-side) code. Using backend code you can secure your passwords, API keys, and other secret information. The article Accessing 3rd Party Services explains how this is done. Check with PayPal regarding their REST interface.

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