PDF display inside my page -how to

Button is linked to PDF file. I want the PDF to be displayed as a popup (Google Drive works this way). As is, a new window opens with the PDF display and my web site is “lost”, no back-button function. Is there a way to open a PDF inside my Wix page? Thanks!

Hi Al,

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You can set this up without adding code to your site.

Just add the PDF Viewer app (which will display PDF files on the site rather than opening a new tab) to a lightbox and then link the button on your page to the lightbox.

Then when someone clicks the button the lightbox will pop up with the PDF displayed.

If you have any further questions on how to set this up please contact Wix Support .

Hope this helps!

Dara | Corvid Team

You can use this app to display PDF dynamically without using lightboxes: PDF: View with 3D Flip Effects | Wix App Market | Wix.com

How to use the widget’s API: Working on Velo with PDF: View with 3D Flip Effects app | Certified Code Help Center