permission based page & menu items

Could use some assistance here as I’m new to wix - appreciate it.
I have a website where the home page is a log in screen
I have 3 pages post login - Page 1, Page 2 & Page 3
I will have 10 members
I would like to have members 1-3, post log-in, only see the link to the menu that have Page 1 on it.
I would like to have members 4-10, post log-in, only see the links to menu items “page 2” and “page 3”.
how can this be accomplished?

You will need to use buttons instead of a menu element, create 2 boxes, each contains the buttons for the 2 log-in options(box 1 contains a button that links to page1, box 2 has button for page2 & 3).
You can use the wix-users API to identify the current user and then show the box you wish to show with:

$w("#boxID") .show

Good luck :slight_smile: