Personal notes/custom area on Mobile App

Hi there!
On the mobile app, we have the “me” section, where members can see their bookings, events, plans, etc. This is pretty general and it works well with most business. However, for some specific fields, it is very important to have a singular page, only seen by the member and the admin,where we can write more information about them.
As a Personal Trainer, this would be a page where I write down the client’s workouts, programs, measurements, and more (they need to have access to this too).
This can be something quite complex, specially on my case, and WIX is built for many different types of business, so you can’t focus on a specific business.
To help in this, could we possibly have a custom area where we could add notes as admin, and members would be able to edit as well on the “Me” section? This couldbe like “Profile” or “Notes”, or you could let us rename it to adapt it to the business.

I have been using GROUPS to do this, but the more and more clients I have, the harder it gets to add a group to every single client every time. Having this on each contact with be a lot easier.

Thank you! :slight_smile: