Please explain

Right now, when I click the Signup button, nothing happens. I need to get this working ASAP!

"Submit Button Settings: From the Form Settings panel, you can set up your form to behave how you want."

Where is the Form Settings panel? I presume if I can find my way to that, I’ll be able to Set the rest of this up. The above is like much of the Wix documentation; tells you what it is but not where it is. Plus, it sure would be nice to read an article explaining in general terms with an overall view of how Wix functions.

What is displayed on submit button? Enter the text that appears on the button.
When people submit a form: Click the drop-down menu and select an option:
Show success message: Display a success message.
What’s the message? Enter the message displayed when your visitors submit the form.
How long does it show? (secs) Drag the slider or enter a number to set the amount of seconds for your message to appear.
Link to a page or lightbox: Click the link icon
to redirect visitors to another page on your site or to a lightbox when they submit the form.
Link to external URL: Click the link icon to redirect visitors to an external URL. Download file: Click Upload file to choose the file your site visitors will download. ( Note: You can add doc & .docx, .xls & .xlsx, .ppt & .pptx, .odt, .odp and .pdf. You cannot upload password protected documents.)Customize your download link text.For each form submitted, you receive an email from and a notification in your Wix Inbox. If you cannot see the emails, please check your spam folder.

I appreciate any and all input.

What “Signup button” are you referring to? What “Form” are you using? Where is the “Submit” button? Please provide more information so that you can get assistance.

For information on programming with Corvid by Wix, see these sources: