Please open an Online Programs API

The online education industry is growing and I’m still surprised in 2023 Wix doesn’t have a very robust option considering the limited out of the box product Online Programs. This would open up so many possibilities for partners to grab new clients as well as current clients using Kajabi, Teachable, etc… If you gave Velo developers access to the Online Programs, we could better compete with the aforementioned platforms. There are major UX issues with the current Online Programs app.

Please consider!


Agreed. Looks like I’ll need to use something like Moodle or OpenEdx, Wix leaving money on the table again!

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Agreed… this is an absolute must.

This isn’t even about full LMS capabilities (which would be NICE). This is about even simply having overview or introductory courses for the product suite hosted ON wix, as well as maybe showcasing some value to potential customers.

Here’s my wish list for APIs:

  1. events.js for milestones like completing a section, course, submitting a quiz, etc.
  2. The ability to put my own pass/fail code in a question. Give me an iframe and listen for some special postmessage on it for a true/false or something. I’ll handle the rest.

I can see course progression information in the Wix mobile app but can’t seem to actually access anything programatically. Please do open these up.

I did not use Online Programs app but if there are auto built-in collections. You can handle events (your first request about event.js) by adding data hooks.

For the second part not sure what you want to achieve but it sounds like you’ll need APIs so it’s not possible yet.

@loeiks yeah good call. I would expect there to be some app-collections but nothing is showing up, even in the Wix Apps Collections section. I have no idea where/how Online Programs is storing its data.

Hey man, if you are in a bind. You can create an introductory course on a page that is only accessible for someone who has JOINED a Wix Pricing Plan which could be set to a price of $0. Just a thought. I met with the Online Program team and apparently there are some updates about to be made along with API access this year (hopefully within the next couple of months).

I share your frustration. This thing is buggy as f*** and with just a little updating could be a competitive solution for influencers, coaches, or anyone wanting to commoditize their knowledge.

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Add this to the wishlist

Ability to disable html code in a step if the program is closed. I’ve added a step to go to an external exam (that is paid for in Wix) and want to disable them taking the exam again if the program is closed (which has a time limit of one day or it automatically closes).

If I could make a call to get the program status in the html code I think I could use if/then to skip the call to the external exam.

Now, even with the program closed, the user can go back to a step with the html code and it takes them to the external exam.

Another option: allow us to hide a step if the program is closed. AND/OR an option by program to disable seeing a program that is closed. Must be an option though because sometimes we want them to be able to go back to a program.

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We need this in the current Editor! Not just Wix Studio.

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There is no way to migrate from Wix Editor X to Wix Studio, and not having any API available just makes everything harder; can we have a push on this?


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