Pop-up Lightbox once per user!

Please help me! How to display lightboxes only once per user. I mean, the lightbox appears once for the site visitor… I had referred to this article and tried that code but it didn’t work for me. In addition, I don’t want both the lightboxes of my website to not appear… Please provide me with the code as I don’t know to code.

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same here. please support your not coding-fluent customers.

Please help me! How to display lightboxes only once per user.

To be able to create such function you will need a separate database, where you can store the STATE of each user regarding the Lightbox-Pop-Up.

-Create a DATABASE.
-Create a BOOLEAN-FIELD inside your database.
-Write some CODE to determine the current logged-inuser (this for you will need to install the “WIX-MEMBERS-AREA-APP” (LOGIN)

Once you have your REGISTRATION AND LOGIN-SYSTEM ready, you grab the ID of every user, finding the POP-UP-STATE inside your DATABASE of the current user.

If the current logged-in-user already has a state of → TRUE <—, that means he already already seen the LIGHTBOX → NO LIGHTBOX OPENS AGAIN.

If the state inside your DATABASE for this user is → FALSE ← that means, the user hasn’t seen the LIGHTBOX yet → the LIGHTBOX opens.


if (........) {.....}
else {....}