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Can the HTML code box size be extended past 740??? It would be AMAZING if it could match the Full Width of “Add a Video”.

Thank you. but not that type of full screen :frowning: on blog post html inserts only have a max width of 720. Blog Youtube videos have a width of 1020 and I just want my (html insert) to be able to match it :frowning:


Wux Blog is an app and not part of Wix Corvid, if you want more help with the Wix Blog app then please post on their own forum, read their own Wix Support pages or contact Wix Support themselves.
(Optional) Customize the element you added:

  • Click the Width icon and drag the slider to select a width.

  • Click the Height icon and drag the slider to select a height.

  • Select an alignment: left, right, or center.

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@givemeawhisky Thank you very much! I will definately contact them to expand the width limit