Post Liking System

Hello everybody,
I am moving my first steps with Corvid as i am developing a simple social network with posting and like system. It has a bunch of problems i need to solve, in this post i will just mention one that is bugging me…
i need to implement the Like count. I mean, when somebody likes on a post via an icon, i want the number of likes to be shown near the icon.
Here is how my page looks like in the Editor:

So, everything has been connected via the datasets.
The Like blue button is called Like , the Unlike red button is called Liked (and is hidden on load), the database is called Likes , ad the dataset is called Likes as well. The dataset, I have defined it as Read and Write , while the database contains a field called numberOfLikes set as a number, where i want to write to / gather from the number of likes for each post, that would be shown in the connected text between the 2 colored buttons (placeholder text: Likes).
The full code of the image Like_Click event is like this:

export function Like_click(event) {
{likedPost: $w('#userPosts').getCurrentItem()._id}),
 let likesitem = result.items[0]; 
 let id = likesitem._id; 
                wixData.update("Likes", likesitem).then(()=>{
        }) ;


Now, ignoring the part about userPosts, the actions to be accomplished by the click event are:

  • writing the post in a textfield (likedPost) in the Likes database via the Likes dataset
  • hiding the Like blue button
  • showing the red Liked button (to allow ‘Unlike’)
  • incrementing the value of the number in the database field numberOfLikes
  • retrieve the number just written in the numberOfLikes field in the Database and show it in the connected text between the 2 buttons.

Everything is perfect in the first 3 points, but the 2 last points don’t work, and i cannot figure out why… I don’t get any error, simply the number does not show up.
Looking at the Likes Database content, I can see that the numberOfLikes field has been updated, but it looks like every click on the Like button created a new record instead of updating the same one.

Anybody please can help? I thank you in advance, please e patient as i am a complete beginner with Corvid.


EDIT: sorry, I posted this in the Tips section i did not realize this was the correct section of the forum.

I have modified the code using the R/W dataset that writes in the userPosts database, in the numberOfLikes field.
My code now is this, but albeit nor receiving any error, it does not increment the field.
Any help?
Thank you in advance

export function Like_click(event) {
 let $item = $;
 let likesitem = $item("#dynamicDataset").getCurrentItem();
                wixData.update("userPosts", likesitem).then(()=>{
                        $w("#text5").text = likesitem.numberOfLikes.tostring()
        }) ;