pre-existing website help

hi, im new to wix and website design in general. i have an existing website that is just plain bad, and i want to make a new one on wix. but i am unsure how to go about this. as i have never used wix or created a website (im doing this for a friend for a start-up business) i was wondering if anybody could give me some advice of how to do this. can i create the website, then cancel the existing domain and then immediately make the wix one live with the same domain name? also. his shop runs through shopify. and i need to know how to implement this into the new website. as it cant be started form scratch. can i run the same exact set-up he has currently for his shop in wix? and if so how would i go about doing this?

thank you for taking the time to read this, as you can tell im new to this and in-experienced,

thank you.

Connecting a domain through Wix is easy, and this will disconnect the previous page. In any case, this forum is for Wix Code only. I suggest you check out documentation on Wix Stores and Wix Pay.