Pricing Plan subscription or Article subscription

Hello Everyone,

I am new to WIX Studio and am facing a challenge. I need to create a website to sell and lease IT infrastructure. I want to offer three different plans - Small, Medium, and Large, and allow customers the option to choose a subscription term of either 36 or 60 months. Currently, WIX doesn’t seem to support this feature. Additionally, when a plan is selected, the payment module pops up immediately. I would prefer to have the selected plan added to the web shopping cart instead, but it seems this functionality is not available either.

I considered an alternative approach of creating an item using the Wix Store, but encountered the same issue. When an item with a subscription payment is selected, there isn’t an option to add it to the cart.

If anyone has a solution to this, even if it requires using Velo code, I would greatly appreciate your guidance.

Thank you!

I propose a method, not concerning the cart, but the plans.

1 create 6 different plans (Small 36 months, Small 60 months, …, ) and hide the page autocreated to display plans in your menu.

2 Create a page displaying the 3 main offers (Small, Medium, Large) with basic boxes, text boxes, and a button which link to a page you gonna design on step 3.

3 Create 3 dynamic pages, based on the pricing plan dataset, filtered by the slug (resp. contains ‘small’, contains ‘medium’, contains ‘large’ as an example ). So each dynamic page will only show the pricing plan of one category of plans.

4 for each item on these pages you add a button which launch the payment process based on the method startOnlinePurchase()