PrivateMembersData access.

I have members signing up and unfortunately on the odd occassion incorrectly entering their email address. I only find out when they ask why they can’t log in or why they haven’t rec’d mail outs etc.

The contact info can be updated for emails so correspondence isn’t an issue, however their sign in can not to edited, support have confirmed they can’t change it either.

So, to correct it (currently) the member page has to be deleted and redone, a bit of a pain and if a plan has been purchased, alao cancelled and re set.

Can site owners have the fields unlocked to allow the change to be made in the PrivateMembersData database?

#featurerequest #database

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Hi there! Have you tried asking this question in the Corvid Forum? If not, I suggest you ask there as well!

Here’s the direct link .

Also, access to member passwords. I require a custom forgot password link on my site, that sends a request to me to reset their password.


@deleteduser this is a great one as well.

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