Pro gallery show repeating images after filter reset

I am building a artwork collection site. Artworks are presented through a database.

With Velo I’ve created filters.

Everything works fine but after a filter reset or sometimes when filtering or even when slide the browser narrower images will repeat endlessly in a page scroll. It’s a bit random. After a page reload the images are showing correct with no repeats.

What’s wrong?

Hey @leo ,

Might help to have the link to the website and a screenshot so we can see but if the filter was made with Velo, it may be a good idea to reach out in the Velo forum .

Alternatively, you can reach out to our support team and so our content manager team can investigate.

Thanks for your reply. I will contact Velo and the support team. Otherwise I will send a link of website.

Hope it gets sorted prompt. If not, we can try to help here. :grinning:

It looks like the problem only occurs in the preview. If I publish the site the problem is not there. But I am investigating further.

Again, keep us posted and feel free to share any videos and screenshots with our support team .