Pro Gallery Slide show speed

Hi, very strange question I have the images in my slide show set to slide automatically and I’m trying to time the changing of the slides to match the video playing on the same page.
So when the image in the video changes the image in the pro-gallery at the same time.
So my question is, you can change the slide show speed from 1 to 500, but what time increment does that correspond to?

Thank you in advance

Hey @sblancharddm , thanks for the patience with a reply. I tried asking some experts for the Pro Gallery but hadn’t heard back.

I tested it on my end and I believe it’s how many pixels it continuously moves at.

Thank you so much Roberto, i was starting to give up hope that anyone had the answer to this.
However any idea how I can translate that into seconds?
I shall google search it, but in case you have an quick answer.

I realized my video didn’t upload and I brought it up there.

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This is incredible.
Thank you. And I think inadvertantly you may have suggested an alternative option to make it just right.
I’ll post the final result this weekend if I can get it just right!


Looking forward to the results. :grinning:

Here it is! It’s a sample since the final pictures haven’t been selected by the client so the colors will change according to the underlying image.
thank you again!

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Looks nice. The gallery looks really cool. I did notice some blank space underneath the gallery. If it is meant to fill the entire browser, I might suggest looking into setting the section/gallery as viewport height .

Yes this is just the sample site as the client hasn’t chosen the final photographs. I was just setting up the template and I’ll clean up all the details once he’s made his final selects.
And the timing is still a little wonky if you let the video run for too long, but I need to adjust the timing on the video. Seems simple but getting this close was a huge victory for me. It was keeping me up at night :joy:
thank you again for your help