Problem using FB pixel through Google Tag Manager

Hey guys,

I’ve been struggling with installation of the FB pixel for some time now. Everything was fine as long as I was using the solution provided by Wix, but when I wanted to to switch to Tag Manager it didnt work. I’ve been trying to figure it out for a few days now and I’ve no idea what I am doing wrong. I know the Tag Manager is working because I’m sending custom events to Google Analytics. Any ideas? Is it possible at all?


I have installed FB Pixels via Tag Manager before. Can you please elaborate what is it you are having trouble with ?

Pageview ?

Exactly. It just doesn’t seem to send any data. I’ve tried using both manual and automatic configuration and still no activity detected. And I am following every single step from this instruction: Learn how to add the Facebook pixel in Google Tag Manager | Meta Business Help Center

Maybe you have not set it up properly. Its a 5 minute setup.

Are you sure your Trigger and Tags are on spot ?

I think so. I’ve tried it at least 5 times and checked every single step. Is it possible it’s either Wix of Fb fault or does it have to be something wrong with my setup?

I’m pretty sure its your setup but can’t be 100% without seeing what has been done

Check out Julian Juenemann’s video on How to install Facebook Pixel with the help of Tag Manager. The guy is a genius at explaining these stuff.