Problem with product page buy links on mobile view - please help

Hello there!

On my product pages, I have set my links to the desired dark grey colours. See pc tablet pic below. In this case it is working well and that’s the look I want.

The problem is this. See below mobile pic. As soon as I resize to mobile phone. Or use mobile phone. Then the links suddenly turn blue and black. This is a big problem as it’s doesnt show consistency throughout my site and also it is not the colour scheme I want.

Any ideas on a fix?

this should be possible with site styles color palette, but in case it is not working for you, please try to reinstall the Wix Stores on the site

Check the action colors in the site themes; that blue in the mobile looks like the default you see in the Site Color Styles.

Hello there, how do I reinstall the wix store on my editor x site?

@angusnorwoodau You can delete the shop page and then reinstall the page:

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