Probleme with privatemembersdata, preview works but not published site

hi there, i have this trouble since 2 days i dont know what to do to resolve it,everything works very well in preview mode but NOT in published site. it only shows the meal and the cooker of the logging user, not for all of member like in the preview.
all database permission are on everyone can see, all database are on read only.
i haved sync sandbox on live each time for all. i just can t do it for privatememberdata wich is only on read only.
please help!

Hi, can you try synchronizing your sandbox to live in your database

hi, thank you for your answer, lots of people ask me to do that and i have already done it so many times, but nothing change, i think that i could do nothing as i wanted because the database is in privateMemberData, so every things you want to test with that parameter will only see the user logging response so only 1 response , the user connected .

so i think that i have to create an other database wich is not on site member author , but on site member to be able to have a wonderfull published response like in the preview.

The privateMemberData collection is in fact read-only, but only for the site member author, that is, the member of the site that the data belongs to. Here’s the info from the docs.

When you run the site in Preview, you are running as yourself, that is as the site owner and admin. However, when you run the site in Live, you are running as a visitor (unless you sign in).

If you want to always display the private data of other site members (not recommended at all, and may have legal ramifications), then you will need to query the collection in backend code using the suppressAuth option.

i ve chosen the way to use another public memberprofile database to do this